Duke replied to the girl whose rejection of their rejection went viral!

Hey, remember when we all totally lost it with laughter and awe when high school senior Siobhan O’Dell sent Duke a rejection of her rejection? Well PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK, fellow humans of the Internet, because not only did it go so mad viral that every single senior suffering from College Admissions Blues got a well-deserved laugh, but it turns out that Duke actually replied to Siobhan’s rejection letter. Holy Internet, Batman, she got the attention of one of the biggest schools in the country.

The letter initially went viral after Siobhan posted it on her personal Tumblr page, where it immediately gained a lot of traction from followers, particularly those who were enduring the same spring time mayhem of admissions season that she was. Even Siobhan doubted that she would get a reply, but Duke came through anyway. The verdict? They haven’t changed their minds about her acceptance, but they did invite her to appeal her case, a totally valid option that most of us probably didn’t realize was on the table. Here is a copy of what the admissions team wrote to Siobhan:

Regardless of the outcome of her admissions decision, it is all kinds of awesome that Duke took the time to reply, and really did seem to consider her individual case. I guess it would have been too much to ask for a rejection of her rejection of their rejection, because the inception of rejections would probably make all our heads spin off before Siobhan even got to college — which, by the way, will be at the University of South Carolina, according to her Tumblr and a picture she posted on Instagram. So all’s well that ends well, with this year’s indisputable Most Hilarious College Admissions Story. Here’s to Siobhan doing awesomely sassy things at USC in the fall!

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