This dude grooming trend is uh, interesting

It’s official. Guys can now get scrotal lifts. Yep, you read that right. Men who aren’t happy with the natural sagging of their balls can now choose to have a cosmetic surgery done to repair the skin down there.

If you think about it, we were on our way here anyhow. Ever heard of ball ironing? Well, George Clooney admitted to having it done in 2008. Called the Male Laser Lift, it’s a laser treatment that removes hair, evens out pigmentation, and reduces wrinkles on men’s testicles. It cost about $575 a session, and it was pretty popular in Hollywood for a while.

Scrotal lifts are next level, though. The scrotal lift is a cosmetic surgery that’s actually minimally invasive and quite quick. Cosmetic plastic surgeon Amir Nakhdjevani performs them in London, and he told the Telegraph that men can even get them done on their lunch break. They use a local anesthesia and it’s done within an hour. “The area may be tender for a few days but generally is not too uncomfortable,” Dr. Nakhdjevani says. The procedure costs a little over $4,000.

Gravity has the same effect on men as it does on women. Their skin loses elasticity and things, you know, fall south. Dr. Nakhdjevani says this surgery can give men a boost of self-confidence as well as enhance their sex life. But they’re not just handing out this surgery to any ol’ dude that walks in. “We go through a rigorous process, asking why they want something done and for what reason. Then, if we feel that a patient would benefit physically and psychologically then they can be offered the procedure,” he tells the Telegraph. “Everyone has things they don’t like for personal reasons and our job is to select who is suitable for it.”

Nakhdjevani claims there are some practical reasons to this surgery as well. Apparently, men don’t have to deal with a sagging sack getting caught in zippers and tight bike shorts if they opt in for a lift. But he later admitted, “…it’s a procedure mostly sought for cosmetic reasons rather than functional reasons.” Ah.

And just in case you were wondering, this surgery doesn’t affect sperm production. They regulate the temperature and are sure to only remove excess skin without disturbing anything else.

Yet, even though Dr. Nakhdjevani insists that this surgery is becoming increasingly more popular, not everyone agrees. Dr. Barry Eppley, a plastic surgeon with years of experience, told Broadly that scrotal lifts aren’t as common as you might think. “Are scrotal lifts done? Yes. Are there men who are interested in doing them? Yes. But I wouldn’t call them an ‘up-and-coming’ trend for men. I’ve seen more men for scrotal lifts in the past two years than in the past 20, but that’s simply because of the internet, like many niche procedures,” he says.

Hey, whatever happens, we say, if a dude wants to get his scrotum lifted, more power to him!