Duckies Should Always Beat Blaines

I was mildly obsessed with Molly Ringwald as a child. My parents were strict in the sense they made sure I got good grades and didn’t talk to kidnapping strangers, but when it came to what movies I could watch I was a free bird. I went wherever my little wings carried me. This resulted in me losing myself in movies like The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink before I was even double digits. I lived for the weekends when I could stay up all night and whisper quotes to myself. Yes, I was always this strange.

To this day, I still find myself drawn to wearing obnoxious hats and floral patterns because of Pretty In Pink. I can literally watch it over and over consecutively. There is one tiny problem though… I despise Blaine. After all, it is an appliance. He was oblivious to other people’s feelings, slightly cross-eyed and seemingly confused by everything. It made no sense to younger me that the girl went for the idiot rich kid when all the while she had a hilarious dancing best friend in love with her. He wore freaking bolero ties. How did she resist?

I think looking back, I have realized from a young age it is ingrained in the majority of females that we should always go for the jerks. We are made to believe that all “bad guys” are actually “good guys” and they will always end up having hearts of gold. This is not a real thing. I know from experience. If someone seems to be a douche bag, 99% of the time it is because they are a douche bag. I understand there are exceptions to all rules, but come on, no. In real life, Duckies should always beat Blaines.



Opposites don’t always attract and if they do they don’t necessarily work out. Sometimes you should be with a person you have a ton in common with. However, whether you are more alike or more different, what it all comes down to is understanding where the other one is coming from. I never felt like Andie and Blaine had a real connection. There was something missing. Their relationship wasn’t built on a solid foundation of friendship.

This is where I think younger me was right on the money. Lasting romantic relationships should always have a foundation of friendship. Whether two people are immediately attracted to each other or not, they should still be true pals underneath it all. You wouldn’t choose to be best friends with a jerk who is unaware of how real life works, so why would you ever choose a partner who is a jerk and unaware of how real life works?

I get it. Not everyone is into nerds with flashy shoes. I personally find the Jon Cryer types attractive, but obviously your type can be any style. Let’s just all agree that despite their dancing abilities or fashion sense, we will make an effort to go for the sweet, genuine, silly type and not the shallow, pompous, rude type.

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