This model posted a photo so flawless that people thought she was a Barbie doll

There is dressing like a Barbie, and there is actually looking like a Barbie. And model Nyadek Duckie Thot looks eerily like a Barbie.

Over the years, there have been quite a few stories about people who have structured themselves to look as much like a Barbie doll as possible. This is a bit different. Former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Nyadak Duckie Thot took to Instagram recently to post a picture.

And she really looks like the most beautiful Barbie ever.

Duckie Thot, as she’s known for short, turned heads all over the internet after the beautiful picture was posted.

Captioned “Ducks after dark,” everything from her pose to her perfectly placed nails make her seem a bit like a Mattel creation – in the best way possible. Furthermore, the commenters, in every language, express her similarity to Barbie. Basically, we can all agree!

Duckie Thot is an Australian and Sudanese model who appeared on season 8 of the hit show Australia’s Next Top Model. Since appearing on the show, she’s worked with fashion labels including Dsquared2, Naeem Khan, Puma, Sephora, and Yeezy.

Additionally, she’s made quite a few stunning appearances on the red carpet.

Here she is at the BET awards in June.


And here she is at a Burberry event in May.


The absolutely flawless star has always turned heads. But we also love her sense of humor. Since posting her Barbie-esque picture, Duckie has responded to the comments.

We love you, Duckie.

And yes, we totally nominate you to be the new Barbie.

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