This Dubsmash reel proves Evan Rachel Wood and Jimmi Simpson are soulmates

If you thought you knew everything about Westworld, think again. Recently, Dubsmash shared a Westworld compilation video of the cast making SO MANY DUBSMASH videos that we’re now fairly convinced that the reason we’re not getting any more Westworld until 2018 is solely because the cast is too busy lip syncing to film the show. The other thing we learned very clearly from this compilation is the fact that Evan Rachel Wood, aka Dolores, and Jimmi Simpson, aka William, are deeeeef soulmates, even of only the friendly variety.

Make sure you’re alone or in the company of people you’re not embarrassed to laugh in front of, because if you get through this video without even a chuckle…you’re some kind of monster.

Ben Barnes, aka Logan, among others makes a few appearances, but it’s clear that Evan and Jimmi are the real Dubsmash aficionados, and we definitely think they make a killer team. (By killer, we mean killing us with laughter because oh my god we’re still dying. And this is, like, our twelfth rewatch.)

We’d also like to note that in this video is something you might have missed: confirmation that we at HelloGiggles are prescient. At 2:21, you’ll notice that Evan and Jimmi are Dubsmashin’ a brief scene from Heathers. Jimmi recites J.D.’s line, aka Christian Slater, and in case you forgot, we’ve been calling Jimmi on his resemblence to Christian Slater from THE BEGINNING.

Yeah, we’re PRETTY PROUD.

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