If you’ve ever wondered whether dry shampoo works for natural hair, we got you

I haven’t washed my hair in FOR-EV-ERRR. I usually stick to a once-a-week ritual, but I’m into double digits and my poor ‘fro is suffering.

Back when I was all about silky, relaxed hair, dry shampoo was my best friend. Overdid it on the serum? Dry shampoo to the rescue. Got too friendly with the coconut oil? No problem, dry shampoo’s got my back.


Down in the depths of my beauty drawer lied an ancient can of dry shampoo from my straight-haired years. Would it, could it work?

I sprayed a bit on my roots, waited a while, massaged it in, and brushed it out with my fingers — success! Well, hello cloud nine!

Wait, would it, could it work on my poof?

A few sprays and…hell naw. Mistake! Mistake! Abort mission!

Here’s the issue — while dry shampoo works to cleanse dirty hair (ya know, within reason), it’s not a curl revitalizer. If you’ve got a head full of dirty curls and kinks that have lost all curl definition thanks to layers of gunk, dry shampoo won’t do much to restore curls.


I did have slightly better luck by using a dry shampoo first, brushing it all out (with a soft bristle brush or my fingers), then spraying a curl revitalizer like Cantu‘s or this one by Kim Kimble.

The jury’s still out on the effectiveness of dry shampoo on natural hair, but in my opinion it does well on roots but does pretty much nothing to help curls. So either break down and embrace your wash day or rock a full, picked-out ‘fro. (Which actually isn’t a bad idea.)


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