We found the magic hair product that will give you perfect bangs

I love the idea of bangs in theory. Because who DOESN’T want to look like a really cool French girl every time they leave the house? In practice, bangs are a smidge difficult to execute for me. You see I have a terrible cowlick right where my bangs go. Sometimes, I feel like only Alfalfa truly understands my pain.

Even though I’ve always loved the idea of blunt bangs with a littttttle bit of texture, it’s really hard for me to get my fringe worked out, because of my Dark and Unholy Cowlick. So basically, when a professional trims my bangs and blows them out I’m glam six ways to Sunday. Then a day or two goes by, I wash my hair, try to recreate the salon magic, and SAD TROMBONE SOUNDS.

But there is a light at the end of this Hair Trouble Tunnel. There is a product that (at least for me) has been a bangs game changer. I present to you (drumroll, if you please)… DRY SHAMPOO!


Yes, I know we’ve all been using dry shampoo to pretend like we washed our hair yesterday (or the day before) but dry shampoo has another A+ use, it gives bangs all the fullness/texture/awesomeness. Just spritz, scrunch, and you’re Amélie flipping Poulain, bam bam. Dry shampoo has such witchy magic it is even able to tame my dark and sinister cowlick.

Observe, this is me after having done everything in my power to make my bangs cover my forehead. I brush my bangs one thousand times just like a princess from a fairy tale and still there’s that huge slice of forehead my bangs refuse to cover because #cowlick.


Then I spritz my Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo (it’s not cheap at $13 for a 1.4 oz spray bottle and $23 for a 3.5 oz bottle, but it gets the job done). And voila, I am Beetlejuice.


Everybody calm down, I still have to brush my bangs down, here’s what that looks like:


THIS IS MAGICAL. Or at least it is for me. I can NEVER get my bangs to behave without the help of a professional. I can hear church bells ringing, somewhere an angel is getting their wings for developing this hair product for me.

Okay, so the downside to this bangs hack is the downside to dry shampoo in general: the effects are temporary. These bangs don’t last all day. They last, like three-four hours maybe? Which is, real talk, about how long my eyeliner/lipstick/everything I do to get ready in the morning lasts, alas, such is life.

So basically your Platonic Ideal of Bangs have a few hours before they turn into a pumpkin go back to being regular bangs. But still! A few hours of great bangs is better than NO hours of great bangs. So spritz, scrunch, and be free!