This is what you’re most likely to buy while drunk shopping

We’ve all had one of those nights when a bit too much to drink + Amazon = a few too many purchases that we never would have made while sober. I, myself, have ordered Lisa Frank stickers, Australian cookies—Tim Tams, natch—and far too much lipstick after a few glasses of wine.

According to a recent study published by Finder, there are, in fact, a few tried-and-true items that drunk people tend to buy the most often. The report surveyed over 3,000 Americans and discovered that the average alcohol-fueled shopping spree amounts to $139. Men spend over four times as much as women do—$233 compared to $54.

And what are we buying when we’re three sheets to the wind? Here’s what the survey found most people buy while drunk shopping:

Shoes and clothes

“When people start drinking, they lose their inhibition and good judgment, and blow-outs tend to be on items that make them feel good,” CEO Fred Schebesta told Quartz. “Spending on clothing and shoes is often not a need but a want, and we give into temptation more often when drunk.”


A temptation I’ve given into once before, and probably will again in the future, TBH.



Because when you’re drunk, the odds seem so much better, don’t they?



It’s so easy to forget you’ve quit after a drink or three. As Schebesta noted, people are more likely to spend money on things that make them feel good — and for those who like a little nicotine, they may crave a good smoke after they’ve had one too many.



Because you need the *perfect* movie to watch and NETFLIX DOESN’T HAVE IT WHAT THE HELL.



Getting your initials engraved on the rose gold iPad sounds way cooler when you’re drunk . . . just like that weird-looking shot the bartender gave you that’s on fire.

So next time you head out on the town, maaaybe only bring enough cash you need (and delete that Amazon app from your phone for the night). You might not end up with a new waffle maker, but your wallet will thank you.

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