This “Drunk History” clip of Lin-Manuel Miranda slurring the story of Alexander Hamilton is incredible

Ah, if only all history lessons were narrated by knowledgeable musical geniuses. In this recently released clip from Drunk History, Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s contentious history. (You’ve all seen that famous Got Milk? commercial, right? Right?)  And the results are hilarious.

Of course, half the hilarity is thanks to the casting. Comediennes extraordinaire Alie Shawkwat and Aubrey Plaza play Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, respectively. We’ve been excited about this episode of Drunk History since Lin-Manuel Miranda’s involvement was first announced. This clip does not disappoint. Although Lin-Manuel Miranda admitted that he drank three-quarters of a bottle of honey whiskey while taping the episode, his lines are witty AF.

Drunk History

Favorite lines include such “historically accurate” gems as:


"F*** you, f*** you, you're cool, Aaron Burr, nice to meet you, I'm gonna go to another college to graduate me faster"

And, when Alexander Hamilton begs George Washington to let him fight in battle:


"Can't you just give me, like, a bunch of dudes and I'll promise I'll be so good at this."

This extra-hilarious episode of Drunk History premieres November 29th. Along with Alia Shawkwat and Aubrey Plaza, this episode features David Wain, Tony Hale, Bokeem Woodbine, and Dave Grohl: all comedy heavyweights. (And could Dave Grohl get any cooler?)

Interestingly enough, November 29th is a special day for Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not only will his episode of Drunk History air, but his mockumentary Millenials: The Musical will premiere on YouTube. Millenials: The Musical is a collaboration between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The two met while filming the Disney feminist picture Moana. Apparently, they really like working together! The mockumentary will be available exclusively on The Rock’s YouTube channel. So, mark your calendars: November 29th is going to be full of laughs.