Drop everything: Kylie Jenner’s KIMOJI phone case is for sale today only for her 19th birthday

If there was ever a good reason to cause an online shopping stampede, here it is: Kylie Jenner’s KIMOJI phone case is for sale today only. We repeat — TODAY ONLY. In honor of the cosmetic kit queen’s 19th birthday, Jenner announced the “flash sale” on Twitter:

Here’s a better look at the case, which is covered in pics of Jenner wearing a green wig and one eye closed (um, either she’s in mid-eye roll or she’s showing off her KyShadow.)

In other words, if you want to become the proud owner of a KIMOJI case, immediately take a break from obsessing over Jenner’s makeup-free snaps, trying to recreate her ramen recipe or sulking over how you didn’t get to buy one of her eyeshadow palettes that sold out at lightning speed.


We’re still waiting on the palettes to be restocked, but sadly that won’t happen with the KIMOJI phone case. Like, ever. As Jenner mentioned in her tweet, “Once they sell out, that’s it!”

Happy shopping, guys!

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