Drones may be the the next big thing coming to Disney Parks

Disney, always trying to push the boundaries for amazing entertainment, has something pretty big in mind for their next act: They’re in early talks to start using drones during fireworks and live-shows.

Right now, you can’t fly drones for commercial purposes (the more you know), but Disney is currently in the middle of politely asking the Federal Aviation Administration if an exception can be made for Mickey Mouse. The request was submitted back in October, but the FAA document has only surfaced now. The 48-page paper asks permission to start flying these unmanned (or, un-moused) drones in the skies above both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Disney even has a name for their own drones: Flixels. Patents have been filed for these flying contraptions, and the request suggests they’re going to fly in “geometric shapes” and “will be ‘magically’ incorporated into Disney story elements that engage and inspire children and their families.”

Imagine the nighttime spectacle, “Fantasmic,” with with Sorcerer Mickey, Steamboat Willie, Maleficent and drones.

Disney has already started playing around with this idea of flying objects; in 2012, they launched an unmanned flying dragon at the opening of New Fantasyland in Disney World. Now think the possibilities of what will be able to fly over Star Wars Land if this the drone request is approved. You’ll be like, “Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Oh no, it’s just a flying BB-8!”

(Image via Jeff Krause/Flickr)

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