A drone fell out of the sky and landed at this guy’s feet, and we can’t stop laughing at his hilarious reaction

Imagine standing outside and minding your own beeswax when a drone falls out of the sky, lands at your feet and leaves you confused AF. Is this an undeniable sign from above that means you need to finally get your shit together or else? Perhaps, it’s an early Christmas present that Santa accidentally dropped on his trial run. Or better yet, it’s a faulty GoPro Karma drone that’s been recalled due to its unfortunate reputation of losing power and plummeting from the sky mid-flight.

Redditor Nicholas Kulick shared a video of a GoPro drone’s rapid descent, which sucks because drones aren’t exactly cheap, but is also funny because of the reaction of the unsuspecting guy on the ground who was basically used as a human landing pad.


LOL. That guy’s face was hee-larious! *snorts*

But wait — here’s what’s not so funny: In addition to acid rain, windy fall days and being on your period, now we can add possibly being struck in the head by a falling drone to the never-ending list of stuff that causes us to have bad hair days.

Sheesh, y’all. If you see us walking around with helmet hair, don’t judge.