Here’s video of a drone carrying a guy wearing a Santa suit and the footage is mind-blowing

Lately, we’ve heard a ton about drones being used for commercial purposes, but here’s a video of a drone carrying a guy wearing a Santa suit. Also, he’s on a snowboard.

You’re probably wondering WTH is going on here, but we’ve got answers. While it sounds like someone’s testing a new gift delivery method for Santa, don’t forget all nine of his reindeers’ names just yet. This maniacal stunt was executed by none other than filmmaker and recently retired vlogger Casey Neistat.

This professional daredevil used to vlog about stuff like flying in a $21,000 first class airline seat, dangling from a helicopter ladder while clad in a tux (because apparently James Bond was booked to capacity and passed on the gig), plus a lot more insane shit that the average non-rich individual can’t afford to do.

Basically, Neistat is the kind of ambitious free spirit who dreams up crazy stuff, wakes up and does it without thinking twice, hence the idea to dust off the ol’ Santa getup and hitch a ride on a drone.

Neistat’s holiday video opens with a massive drone hovering above a house in a scene that totally reminds us of that time E.T. phoned home and someone finally answered.

An alien sighting would’ve been pretty friggin’ cool, but this is clearly no ordinary stunt.

As The Verge points out, Neistat’s latest round of mind-boggling shenanigans were sponsored by Samsung (another perk of his fab lifestyle of adventure and thrill-seeking) and also reveals that the human-carrying drone took a year to custom build specifically for this video.

Needless to say, the drone is massive.

But when it’s designed to pull an entire human through town on a snowboard and casually lift him into the sky, the substantial size is kind of necessary.

Here’s the full video of Neistat’s quirky adventure and the footage is absolutely gorgeous.

So, we’re not sure about trading in our vehicles or plane tickets for this type of travel, but this massive drone absolutely has a spot on our holiday wishlist.