Drizzle cakes are our favorite droolworthy #caketrend right now

You know us, we’re always down for a new dessert trend (#processedsugarforever), which is why we are over here straight-up throwing a party for the latest cake trend in town, drizzle cakes.

Now what is a drizzle cake, you might ask? It’s basically just what it sounds like, a cake with icing drizzling down the sides like the sweetest light rain drizzling down a sugary window pane.

There’s basically a drizzle cake for every occasion. You’ve got your bridal shower drizzle cake.

Your Dirty Thirty drizzle cake.

And a couple decades down the road, a Nifty Fifty drizzle cake.

And because the drizzle cake is such a visual spectacle, cake makers play it up with A+ toppings. Check out this cake covered in macarons.


And this freaking tulip cake, you guys, this MOTHER-FREAKING TULIP CAKE.


But really, all you need is one perfectly placed sugar peony to wow your crowd.

Or you can just put a whole bunch of chocolate on your drizzle cake, that’s totally fine, too.

Just crack that Cadbury creme egg and stick it on top of your drizzle cake.

Drizzle cakes for life, you guys, drizzle cakes FOR LIFE.

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