These women tried drinking coffee like Lorelai Gilmore, and it was not pretty

In case you were wondering, it turns out that drinking coffee like the Gilmore girls isn’t easy. Yeah, we know, we tend to idolize the amazing women of The Gilmore Girls, aka our favorite Netflix binge, especially because they totally enable our undying love for all things coffee. But unfortunately, drinking coffee like Lorelai Gilmore is actually a little bit more complicated than the icon makes it look.

Say it ain’t so, right? We love, love, love coffee. It makes us feel like adults, and helps boost us when we’re in desperate need of energy. But maybe too much of a good thing is actually possible, because this experiment has us eyeing our coffee with just a wee bit of cynicism.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drinking coffee like Lorelai Gilmore? If you’re like us, you definitely have.

Seriously, she drinks SO MUCH COFFEE. Have you ever even seen her go a day without it?! We think not.

In honor of Lorelai’s coffee habit, the Mashable team drank six cups of at least eight ounces of black coffee a day, a la Lorelai. Sounds sort of fun, right?  Not so much.

 Most of them felt dehydrated, got headaches, and even got foggy! One person even literally THREW UP drinking coffee like Lorelai Gilmore, proving that Lorelai is somehow a super hero or something. Just watch the carnage for yourself:

Maybe it’s best if we steal some of Lorelai’s other habits, like being hilarious, and a great friend, and a totally amazing mom, and leave the mastery of coffee drinking to her.

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