The drink Starbucks just sneakily took off their menu (not cool, Starbucks!)

The cappuccino has always been our (read: my) go-to for an immediate jolt of caffeine. The sophisticated, grown-up-person coffee drink — comprised of a shot (or two) of espresso, hot milk of choice, and foam — has been a Starbucks staple since it started gaining popularity in the late ’80s. And while many of us still love it so, it seems we just don’t love it enough. Yesterday, Business Insider made the announcement that Starbucks has already started phasing out the drink from their coffee menu. Yikes.

When Business Insider asked Starbucks why oh why, the company “noted that menu boards differed around the world based on what the brand chose to highlight each season in a given location.” They added that if a customer really wants a cappuccino, a barista will totally make it for them.

But still — after all these years, why say goodbye to the cappuccino? BI speculates Starbucks wants to push the Australian-inspired flat white, which is basically a stronger version of the cappuccino. They also noticed customers AND employees were mixing up the latte and the cappuccino (blasphemy, I know I know) —which are very, very different drinks. The latte is diluted and more milky, while the cappuccino is way more espresso-and-foam heavy. BI states, “When the milk is not adequately foamed, however, a cappuccino ends up looking identical to a latte,” and this just isn’t right.

Here’s the official Starbucks drink anatomy chart to give you a good idea of what drinks are supposed to look like:

So, is this an end of an era? Is Starbucks really phasing out the cappuccino for good? Is this all because of Mercury Retrograde? PROBABLY not. But Boing Boing points out, if you live in New York, San Francisco, or Seattle, don’t expect to see the beloved drink on a Starbucks menu anytime soon.

(Images via, Starbucks)