Now you can drink red wine without staining your teeth, thanks to this godsend of a wine glass

You know what’s great? Red wine. You know what isn’t great? Your teeth, after you drink red wine. Luckily for you, however, a new wine glass will prevent you from staining your teeth with your beverage of choice, thanks to a straw built right in.

The hilariously brilliant Wino Sippers — made by wine accessory company Oenophilia – have a glass straw built in right at the bottom of the glass.

Thanks to the handy design, you can enjoy every last drop without needing to excuse yourself to rub the wine stain out of your teeth.

Wino Sippers cost $24 for a set of two, and we dare say they would make a funny gift for the wine lover in your life. (You. We mean you.)

You might be wondering “Why not just put a straw in a regular wine glass?” Well, we suppose you could do that too, but it probably won’t be as fun or as ~fancy~ of an experience.

Better get sipping!