36% Of You Are About to Drink A Lot At Thanksgiving, New Survey Says

It's all fun and games until you wake up with a splitting headache and can’t hit the Black Friday deals.

It’s almost turkey time! As you prepare for the big feast (and unearth your favorite pair of stretchy pants), be sure you have a tall drink of water on hand this Thanksgiving. According to a new survey, turkey and mashed potatoes aren’t the only things people are looking forward to scarfing down during Thanksgiving dinner. Alcohol is high on menu as well.

SleepFoundation.org surveyed 1,250 people about their eating, drinking, and sleeping habits on Thanksgiving, and as it turns out, 36% of you admitted that you drink more alcohol than usual on Thanksgiving.

Is it time to put down the bottle of wine? Between the socializing and uptick in family time, you may naturally feel inclined to drink more on Thanksgiving. While one extra glass won’t do you in, drinking over your limit could put you at risk for a terrible night’s sleep. Not to mention, a next-day hangover.

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“People will stay up late to celebrate, clean up, or just have some much-needed alone time [after] a long day of festivities and socializing,” Dr. Alex Dimitriu, Founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine, and SleepFoundation.org. contributor said. “The trouble is that a later bedtime, alcohol, and late meals all have a negative impact on both sleep duration and sleep quality.”

In fact, 25% of you said you get less sleep on Thanksgiving because of overeating and over-drinking. Partying and social events also contribute to a lack of sleep on Thanksgiving night, according to 22% of you. Of those surveyed, 51% noted they end up needing more sleep because of how much they eat and drink.

Bottom line: drinking too much can negatively impact your slumber, whether that means getting less or needing more shuteye.

Pausing for water breaks and limiting your caffeine intake can help. Additionally, Dr. Dimitriu recommends that you “limit large meals and alcohol and get movement and fresh air, especially before sleep.”

Drinking on Thanksgiving is all fun and games until you wake up with a splitting headache and can’t hit the Black Friday deals. For a restful night’s sleep, try incorporating some of those aforementioned tips into your boozy Thanksgiving celebration.

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