Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive got her hair “dyed” with her mom

Being an actress is hard work. Being the child of an actress? Even harder. Luckily, Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive went to the salon with her mom to help keep things fresh. Barrymore is about to start filming the second season of her Netflix hit Santa Clarita Diet, and she needed to get back into a Sheila Hammond frame of mind.

The actress colored her locks with a little help from stylist Tracey Cunningham, who made sure that 4-year-old Olive felt included in the day of pampering. In this picture that was shared on Instagram, Olive looks just like her mom. (And have no fear, her foils only contained conditioner.)


Solidarity indeed. Also, even aside from the matching foil, these two could be twins.

Barrymore used the hashtag “#becomingsheila” to help document her transformation.

Really, we think that she looks lovely no matter what. But the character has special meaning to Barrymore, who started the series after publicly ending things with ex-husband (and Olive’s dad) Will Kopelman.

"[Turning into a zombie] becomes an awakening for [Sheila's] life, and that gave me one too," she said to Entertainment Tonight. "I lost like, 20 pounds playing her and had an attitudinal shift and plucked my eyebrows and, I don’t know, just started thinking like a woman again. And it was amazing."

Even though the subject of the dark comedy — which, as Barrymore pointed out, deals with a zombie who spends her day as a realtor — still might be a bit too mature for both Olive and her 3-year-old sister Frankie, we’re sure the two girls will be supporting their mom every step of the way.

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