Drew Barrymore shares her super practical secret to parenting

Parenting isn’t just hard, it’s straight up hard AF. There’s no rule book for dealing with the everyday challenges that pop up while raising kids — you just figure things out along the way. And that’s exactly what Drew Barrymore is doing as she raises her two daughters, 4-year-old Olive and 2-year-old Frankie.

Barrymore isn’t raising her kids alone though, she’s raising them together with ex-husband Will Kopelman.

Naturally, co-parenting makes regular parenting even harder, but both Barrymore and Kopelman seem to be very practical about the challenges.

Barrymore and Kopelman divorced in August after four years of marriage, but have done everything in their power to make sure their daughters spend plenty of time with both parents.

Barrymore was honored at the annual Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Once Upon a Time Gala on Saturday night for her dedication to children’s welfare-related causes. She spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how she and Kopelman are adjusting to their separate lives.

“I think plans, she told Entertainment Tonight. “Constant plans. We, as a family, have three dates for this Halloween.

And she’s super excited for all of them!

"It’s like the best day ever, she said. “It’s the only day that’s acceptable and not totally creepy to wear a mask, so God bless Halloween! I love it. I get to be an anonymous parent that night, so I’m into that!

Barrymore is still really close with Kopelman’s family, something we’re sure her kids will appreciate as they get older.

"[It] means the world to me, she said.

Co-parenting has it’s challenges, but it can also be a beautiful thing when there’s communication and support. Barrymore and Kopelman seem to be a great example of how things can go right when done the right way.

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