Drew Barrymore recreated her iconic childhood style, and it will speak to your ’80s heart

It’s a fairly universal sentiment that Drew Barrymore is one of the most precious, pure, and beautiful souls around — and we’re #blessed to have seen her grow up. Everything that makes her special was on display in a recent photoshoot for InStyle in which Drew recreated her iconic childhood photos, and we can’t get enough of it.

It’s pretty nuts that Drew has been in the public eye for the vast majority of her life — who else could carry a movie when they were only three? And while her childhood may have been tumultuous, her fashion was always on point.

A total ’80s baby and ’90s kid, Drew’s wild, bright clothing was the perfect way for a precocious and love-filled child to express herself. The fact that she still has that child-like sparkle in her eye even as an adult speaks to her lightness of being and joyous spirit.

It doesn’t get much better than the recreation of these gorgeous throwback photos. Her fairy tale childhood was definitely a unique experience, and these photos are a window into her singular experiences.

We can’t get enough of all the InStyle photos — even as a tiny kid Drew Barrymore had impeccable style.

What do we have to do to get that wild and fancy-free hair?

Who among us didn’t have a flower-embroidered bucket hat back in the day? Drew makes it look better than we ever could, TBH.

We have to admit that fancy-baby Drew Barrymore is our favorite.

This photo captures how surreal and fantasy-like her childhood really was. Drew looks so wise as her younger self — and even more so now. That inner beauty is just always shining through.

These are the ultimate #TBT.

Which cover photo is your favorite? We can’t pick because, well, they’re all so adorable. Leave it to Drew and the team at InStyle to come up with the most dazzling shoot concept ever.

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