Drew Barrymore raved about *these* products during her Instagram beauty series, and we’re adding them to our cart

Those of us active on Instagram just had the most glorious week with Drew Barrymore as she cleaned out her beauty drawers, shelves, and piles of bags while sharing her favorite beauty products along the way.

Since the week-long marathon of summer cleaning and recommendations has officially ended (you’ll find us weeping in the corner), we figured we’d gather some of Drew Barrymore’s favorite beauty products into a handy roundup for anyone who missed out.

Over the years, the actress has accumulated a collection of go-to products and treatments that she can wholeheartedly recommend to her followers. Or, anyone looking to expand or mix up their routine. Plus, there’s some great buys and recommendations from Drew herself.

So, here are the top picks Drew shared (and raved about) while cleaning out her beauty station.

1Hair Conditioning Treatment

These are Drew’s go-tos. If they’re good for her, they’re good for us!

2Hair Cleansing Gel

Drew loves this “green mouthwash” looking hair product. She mentioned these gels “get rid of sediments and chlorine, and all the things that are in our water out of your hair.”

3Eyelash Curler

Drew explains that she has tried all the eyelash curlers in the world and gives her Shu Uerma ones the stamp of approval.

4Laundry Stain Remover

Have any makeup slip-ups? According to the actress, this stain remover will get makeup off your clothes.

5Olive Oil

Basically olive oil isn’t just for cooking. This little item can do it all — “helps nails and cuticles, soothes dry skin, removes makeup, acts as a moisturizer, helps scrapes and cuts, nourishes hair, lip scrub with sugar, can shave with it, and it’s delicious.”

6Blow Dryer

Drew raves that this is great for people with curly hair.


This perfume will add a little pep to your step, as the actress explains it has notes of “fresh citrus and fresh florals.”

8Face Mask

This is what Drew called the “gold standard” of face masks, and we believe her!

9Facial Wipes

An easy way to take your makeup off on-the-go!

10Mud Mask

Drew is a fan of GlamGlow’s cult-fave SuperMud mask, and it’s easy to see why.

11Cleaning Wipes (for phone)

Gotta get rid of your makeup and bacteria from your phone!

Now we can fill out our shopping list with some of Drew’s tried and true favorites.

Also, we can always save this list for future times we need recommendations on olive oil or top-tier face masks. This will surely last us until the next beauty junkie week, when Drew bequeaths us with more of her beauty journey on Instagram.

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