Drew Barrymore posted emotional tributes to her daughters on Instagram

Since Thanksgiving just passed, a bunch of us had the opportunity to reflect on the things we’re grateful for — and for many of us, it’s family. Drew Barrymore wrote tributes to her daughters on Instagram to celebrate both of them, and it’s just one of the many reasons why Barrymore is such a remarkable mom.

Barrymore gave birth to daughter Olive back in 2012, and daughter Frankie arrived just two years later. The actress is currently co-parenting with ex-husband Will Kopelman, whom she split with after three years of marriage. Earlier this year, she referred to the split as “just like my worst nightmare,” noting that she “wanted to raise kids in this ultratraditional way and do everything so the polar opposite of my experience.” Still, it seems as if the two are doing a beautiful job, as Olive and Frankie seem like incredible kids.

So, what inspired the tributes on Instagram? Well, Barrymore was feeling the holiday love. She dedicated an Instagram post to each daughter, and admitted that the holidays “can make me so nostalgic and just a big pile of mush.” We know exactly how you feel, girl.

First up was Barrymore’s words about oldest daughter Olive, who she referred to as the love of her life.


"I never knew I could love so much," she wrote. "I never knew I would be so lucky one day to be a mom. Thank you to all our many blessings for our family. And we wish them right back to yours."

Barrymore’s second photo was a photo of her holding hands with Frankie, the second love of her life, on a carousel.

"Best moments. I wish I could freeze them in time," she wrote. "To the old sounds of the carousel. Going round and round."

While the actress is no stranger to posting photos of her children on Instagram, it’s not often that she decides to get personal in the captions. While every photo radiates pure love, it’s just nice to see her endearing words, as well.


Barrymore pretty much wrapped up the best parts of motherhood within her photos, and we’re so happy she decided to share them. We hope the three of them have an incredible holiday together, with plenty of memorable moments.