Drew Barrymore played a dating app game with Ellen, and she literally swiped left on Brad Pitt

As frustrating as they can be sometimes, dating apps can be pretty fun. And hey, the stars use them too!

In fact, we just heard from Entertainment Weekly that Drew Barrymore swiped left on Brad Pitt, and um, COME AGAIN?!

Okay, okay, here’s how it all went down. Barrymore was a guest on Ellen’s show, and Ellen brought up the fact that Barrymore and Will Kopelman aren’t together anymore (but they are co-parenting and maintaining a super stable environment for their kids).  The thrust of that sentence is that Barrymore is single, so why not use a dating app? Ellen brought up some famous single faces on the big screen, and had Barrymore “swipe.”

Check it out at around 4:40.


When Brad Pitt’s face popped up, she smiled ever so sweetly…and rejected him.

Her exact words were, “No, no thank you. So lovely! So lovely though. Such a lovely guy.” Nice save, Drew.

via giphyFor the record, Barrymore also swiped left on a bunch of other swoon-worthy guys including Harry Styles (she commented that he’s way too young) and Jake Gyllenhaal. Damn, tough critic! So who was she into? Anyone?

Yup, Barrymore kinda lost herself when John Oliver was presented as an option, but then commented that he’s married. Sigh! But that was nothing compared to the expression on her face when a certain Game of Thrones actor popped up. “He’s hot. Yeah…yeah,” she exclaimed. Of course, it’s our main man Kit Harington.

via giphyBut all jokes aside, we just want Barrymore to be happy. And if she’s happy not being with Brad Pitt, then so be it…

Okay, NOW all jokes aside, we hope that she’s not feeling any pressure to get back on the dating scene. It’s always important to take time to reassess things after a divorce, and to ensure that personal happiness is the key priority.

You do you, Drew!