Drew Barrymore Said She Believes Britney Spears Is “the Key” to Her Own Freedom

She's firmly Team Brit.

It’s been a long road for Britney Spears, but she finally seems to be on the path to freedom for the first time in over a decade, and Drew Barrymore is one of the celebrities who is cheering her on along the way. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Barrymore shared her support for Spears, and it sounds like she’s been Team Britney the whole time.

Barrymore said she has intentionally remained quiet on the topic until now, but since Spears is speaking openly about her conservatorship battle, she feels it’s time for her to speak up, too.

She told the outlet that even though she believes “the noise had to be made in order to start to have change,” she felt that the situation warranted more than just the showing of her support on social media, but now, Barrymore isn’t holding back.

“I have very purposefully stayed out of this conversation, but, since she’s spoken up: She’s the key to her freedom,” Barrymore said. And so far, it certainly seems to be that way—since Spears’ emotional testimony in court in June, change is finally happening, from her having the ability to hire a new lawyer to father Jamie Spears agreeing to step down as her conservator when the time comes.

“This is about her and her life and everybody deserves the freedom to make mistakes or a success of their life and everything in between. That is what a life is,” Barrymore continued. “So whether it’s about her or anyone else, I want people to have their civil liberties; to have the freedom to live their lives.”

Of course, Barrymore is an actress (and now talk show host) and Spears is one of the biggest pop legends of our time—duh—but they have a lot in common. Both of them were thrust into superstardom at a very early age, and they’ve both had to grow up with the world watching.

Anyone who follows Spears on Instagram knows that she’s been speaking out more than ever, whether she’s calling out her family members for the way she’s been treated or opening up about her true feelings about her conservatorship for the very first time.

Here’s hoping there are many more positive changes to come for Spears as she continues to pursue her freedom.

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