Drew Barrymore met Cinderella at Disney World, and we deem this the best celebrity perk ever

Being a celebrity probably isn’t always as amazing as we like to imagine. It comes at the price of privacy, anonymity, and sometimes even a healthy sense of self. But there are perks. Oh, yes, there are.

As in, Drew Barrymore took her daughters to Disney World…where they personally got to meet Cinderella! That’s right, little Olive and Frankie officially have the coolest mom ever.

And if you remember…Barrymore also played Cinderella in Ever After, so they probably had a lot to talk about!

"Yes! This happened. Thank you @waltdisneyworld for making dreams come true. My daughters were on a cloud. A big puffy princess cloud. #heaven #proudtobeagirl"

Ummmmm. Excuse us while our inner-child freaks out a little.

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Did we mention how lucky these girls are? Barrymore’s daughters are her world, and she even has her own loving hashtags for them!


"#people I love these are the loves of my life. #myolive #myfrankie all I wanted to do this week was reflect. Think about people and moments that make life make sense to me. That make life amazing."

And she takes them to the Getty Museum for a day of culture!

And then there are the days where they play with big colored blocks. Because why not?

Is it too early to give out the mom of the year award? Nope.

Drew, you’re the best! We’re living vicariously through you and your family. But not in a creepy way.

Oh, and we’re so excited to have a lot of this talented and generous lady in our lives for the year 2017, because her  Netflix horror-comedy show Santa Clarita Dietdebuts in February. And it looks freaking awesome.


See what we mean?

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