Drew Barrymore has really good advice for you and your BFFs

Drew Barrymore wants to make the world a happier place, one selfie at a time. And the actress is starting with herself. Over the weekend, Barrymore shared a photo on Instagram with her friends out frolicking around in nature. It’s always fun to get a glimpse of celeb squads in their element, make up free, in sweats, and “just like us,” but this time Drew Barrymore also has really good advice for your and your BFFS. And it has nothing to do with being makeup free. The Charlie’s Angels star posed for a group photo on top of a mountain with some of her beloved A-list friends. But while enjoying the nature and good company, Barrymore was more interested in sending a message of love, community, and the power of friendship.

As if climbing a mountain and still being able to smile afterwards wasn’t impressive enough, Barrymore brought along a few celebrity pals to pose for her photo. Smiling alongside her are Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, and Charlie’s Angels costar Cameron Diaz — all without a bit of makeup, but plenty of good cheer to go around. Surrounded by friends, Barrymore is beaming brightest of all.

She captioned the photo with a piece of advice: make more plans with your friends already!

hold onto those you love and climb a mountain together. The women in my life are doers. That can be anything from life, work and physical capability. Zest if you will. I follow my friends. And when I am most in need, I hold on tighter. But it is when they need me… I know I have done something right. To earn their trust. Love your fiends. Share kindness. Hold onto moments and most of all… MAKE MORE PLANS!!!!!!!!![/quotes]

This cheerful attitude is a nice change of pace for Drew Barrymore, who finalized her divorce from Art Kopleman earlier this year. Since then the mother of two has been working on co-parenting her daughters with her ex and spending quality time with her beloved besties.

Surrounding yourself with awesome, open women who get stuff done is just good for your soul. The next time you find yourself thinking that it’s easier to burrow under a blanket and a Bravo marathon, maybe at the very least call some of your squad over to join you. It’s hard to keep in touch and get QT time in, but it is so very, very important to our mental health. No mountain climbing required (although that’s also a great idea).

Make no mistake about it, Drew Barrymore is back with a positive attitude, a bevy of loyal friends, and the determination to climb any mountain that gets in her way. Now that’s a mentality we could all use these days!

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