Drew Barrymore just made the most perfect surprise cameo in SZA’s latest music video

While she’s directed a music video before, Drew Barrymore can now say she’s featured in one as well. Barrymore partnered with SZA for a music video. And since that video was for a song called “Drew Barrymore,” it was pretty much perfect.

SZA, a singer-songwriter, is a huge fan of Barrymore. So, it makes sense that she’d find inspiration from the star herself. The video, shot in New York City and directed by Dave Meyers, only features Barrymore for a few short seconds — but still, we can imagine having the legendary actress on set was simply everything.

The song is also incredibly gorgeous.


Barrymore pops up a little after the two-minute mark, giving a small smile to the singer as she walks off screen. The fact that the video isn’t focused around the singer makes her appearance even more powerful and surprising.

SZA admitted in an interview with Vulture that she truly related to Barrymore’s character in Never Been Kissed.

"When I was watching Never Been Kissed … that’s my experience. I was hella outcast in school," she said.  "I was watching it like, ‘Yes! Win for all of us!’"

Back in January, SZA shared a video of the actress enjoying her musical performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Not only was that incredibly sweet for Barrymore to do, but SZA’s reaction was — well — just like we’d react. With a lot of capital letters and exclamation points.

We’re so happy these two managed to meet up. This may just be the start of a beautiful friendship.