Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon cuddle puppies

No one does talk show games as well as Jimmy Fallon. It’s a fact, and last night he proved why he will never give up his crown. On The Tonight Show, he challenged guest Drew Barrymore (who, by the way, co-starred with Fallon in Fever Pitch in 2005) to a pop quiz with a canine twist.

“Pup Quiz” put both Jimmy and Drew to the test on nature-related trivia, and the questions were super difficult. Do you know what birds are native to northern Thailand? And that was just the first round! The ante was upped in the second round.

But the tough questions were worth it, because “Pup Quiz” isn’t played for points. It’s played for actual puppies, which Drew and Jimmy got to cuddle with in arm chairs during the game. Actual tiny Golden Retrievers, you guys, all piled up on their laps. Dream come true!

While the pups are a bit unruly, the cuteness definitely makes up for the occasional hair nibble!

(Image via Youtube)