Drew Barrymore carried an “I love Jake Gyllenhaal” sign on the “Santa Clarita Diet” red carpet, because legends only

Sometimes you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place, or stuck between ranking three of your costars from best to worse or eating a turkey testicle. That’s the situation Drew Barrymore found herself in Wednesday night, when she was politely peer pressured by James Corden to rank three of her former costars from most talented to least talented. Not wanting to eat a turkey testicle, Drew fessed up: Jake Gyllenhaal is the least talented, when forced to choose between him, Adam Sandler, and Hugh Grant.

“I’m sorry, Jake!” She yells to the cameras on The Late Late Show, “It was the turkey testicle!”

Listen, try and admit that if in the same situation you wouldn’t give your own ranking to Gyllenhaal, Sandler, and Grant, because the alternative is a turkey testicle.

Well, you can imagine how this moment shot around the internet at lightning speed. And yes, in hindsight, Barrymore does feel kinda bad about it. So she hit the red carpet for the premiere of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 ready with an apology. Or better yet, an apology sign, as she proudly held a giant sign with a handwritten, “I ❤ JAKE GYLLENHAAL.”

Yes, this is her way of publicly apologizing to Gyllenhaal — and let’s not forget, she’s ranking him solely off of his performance in 2001’s Donnie Darko, which was 17 years ago.

“He helped me get out of eating a turkey testicle, [and that] was very sweet and light-hearted,” She told HelloGiggles on the Santa Clarita Diet red carpet. “[This sign is to show] how much I feel bad for saying this, and how if I see him next time I’m going to explain it.”



But, as Barrymore continues, the internet’s the one who threw this all out of context.

“Of course, the world turns completely — and I’m sorry — but shallow. It’s all headlines about how he’s the least talented person. And I’m like, ‘Does anyone understand fucking context?’ You know they’re not going to take the time to read the small print…so this is me setting the goddamn record straight. It’s my premiere, and I’m making it about him, just so he knows everything is okay!”

And, As Barrymore quips, it also serves another purpose: “I can also beat the shit out of someone with [this sign]. Or [Santa Clarita Diet’s] Sheila would.”

Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal has said nothing about this debacle, so we’ll continue to wait with bated breath on response. Maybe he could do something cool like hire a skywriter to say that Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix…?

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