Drew Barrymore Says “Eating the Perfect Food” and Working Out Aren’t At the Top Of Her Priority List

"Years ago working out was, like, number 24 on the list," she admits.

Drew Barrymore is setting her priorities straight—and eating a “perfect” healthy diet and exercising every day aren’t at the tippy top of her priority list. Appearing on the cover of Health Magazine’s first-ever “Change” issue, Barrymore said she’s “not a straight arrow” when it comes to maintaining her healthy lifestyle.

I will never be all one thing—eating the perfect food and working out every day, she told Health. I just will never be that person. Between my kids and work, I don’t have the time in life.

But even in realizing that, she knows she still needs to maintain some sort of consistency with eating right and exercising. “If I’m more consistent about it and carve out the time for it, it leads to a better life,” she said. “Before, it was all workout or none. And that really didn’t suit me. I had to prioritize it, but I will tell you, it is, like, third on my list. It probably should be first, but it’s, like, kids and work are probably rivals.”

Healthy living has moved up on the list, however, Barrymore notes. Years ago working out was, like, number 24 on the list, she revealed. Actually, my health is fourth on the list—my friendships are third. But, hey, it’s in the top five—so that’s good.

And she notes that laughing a lot is a key factor in her healthy living routine. “I really like to be silly. I can’t really stop myself,” she told Health. “I think your body chemistry changes when you’re laughing. I respect laughter—it is medicine.”

Thankfully, we can all keep our priorities straight and get in a good laughing workout every day by watching The Drew Barrymore Show.

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