Drew Barrymore Reprised Her Iconic ‘Scream’ Role for 2020 and LOL

Casey Becker should have ghosted Ghostface.

Few horror movie characters (and, spoiler alert: horror movie character deaths) are quite as iconic as Drew Barrymore in Scream. Barrymore knows we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for her brief role in the 1996 teen slasher, so she brought back her infamous blonde bob and white sweater in the most hilarious way, sharing what Casey Becker would be up to in 2020 if she’d survived in the film.

Barrymore reprised her role as Casey in the October 22nd episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, and we’re not gonna lie, it’s a little eerie how she looks exactly the same as she did nearly 25 years after Scream was released. (Truly, what is this sorcery?) Of course, these days, getting stalked by a murderous villain simply wouldn’t happen by way of a landline. Instead, the masked villain now has an iPhone, making it that much harder for Casey to ghost Ghostface.

Barrymore titled the video “Where Are They Now: What if Casey Becker from Scream Lived?”

In it, Barrymore can be seen walking down the street, getting calls and terrifyingly funny ghost emoji-filled texts from Ghostface. This time, though, she can simply move on with her day and mute him—problem solved…right?

Barrymore famously almost played Neve Campbell’s lead role in the movie, but she requested instead for the more shocking role of Casey. Obviously, it paid off because we’re still talking about it almost 25 years later.

Scream nostalgia is alive and well these days, especially because Scream 5 is officially in production and will have series leads Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox returning for the upcoming installment. We’ll have to wait until the film hits theaters on January 14th, 2022 to see how it all unfolds, but for now, there’s no better time to relive all the gory fun by marathon watching the first four movies ahead of Halloween.

Barrymore will be hosting a special Halloween edition of “Drew’s Movie Nite” for CBS Sunday Night Movies on Oct. 25, with several members of the Scream cast making appearances. 

Just take some advice from Casey and maybe don’t answer any unknown phone calls while you’re watching.

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