You’ll never guess Drew Barrymore’s pet name for Cameron Diaz

We’d like you to stop whatever you’re doing (unless you’re saving a life or something) and ask yourself, “What would Drew Barrymore’s pet name for Cameron Diaz be?”

Do you have an idea in your head? I mean, it’s probably something super cute like “sweetie” or “bestie,” right? Well, prepare to be surprised…

“I’ve known Poo Poo since I was 14 years old,” Drew Barrymore told Marie Claire, referring to Cameron Diaz. That’s right. Drew calls Cameron “Poo Poo” and that is one piece of knowledge we will store in our brains for all of eternity.


During her interview, according to People, Barrymore was initially talking about girl squads and how she’s not a fan of them. “I’ve never felt comfortable with this, sort of, camaraderie of famous people,” the actress revealed. Instead, Drew prefers to surround herself with long-time friends who may or may not be famous. Perfect example: Cameron Diaz, who Barrymore has known for decades. Granted, Poo Poo is pretty famous —but she wasn’t always.

“We just happened to know each other before her career started, and I was working in a coffeehouse trying to refigure out my life,” stated Drew, after referring to Cameron as Poo Poo (we’re still trying to process this, can you tell?). “So in a weird way, it doesn’t even count with us.”


We’d also like to take a moment to imagine what Drew Barrymore’s coffeehouse life was like. Honestly, that’s one movie we’d definitely want to see (especially if Poo Poo’s in it).

The takeaway: Drew Barrymore + Poo Poo = BFFs for life.

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