The internet can’t decide whether this dresser is pink and white or blue and gray

Here we go again. Once upon a time, the internet lost its mind over a white and gold dress. The latest social media optical illusion is a dresser that is either pink and white or blue or gray. Like most viral things, this dresser showed up on Reddit with a simple comment, “What Colour Do You See: Pink & White or Blue & Grey?” To us the dresser looks white and pink, but that’s the whole thing: what colors do you see?

Someone commented that they “changed the white balance to match the whiteboard on the dresser” and then saw the dresser as “blue + grey.”  However, another commenter looked at the “white balanced” photo and still sees a white and pink dresser.

The Reddit user who shared the original photo of their own dresser says that the item is actually blue and gray in real life. They likely shared the image when they took a photo of the dresser and were surprised at how pink and white their blue and gray dresser had become.

Back during #TheDress debate of 2015, science told us that the color discrepancies were due to the difference in how the human brain perceives color, which was a pretty unsatisfying answer at the time, and still pretty unsatisfying now!

Check out #TheDresser below.


Here’s the version that a user ~white balanced.~

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Because these optical illusions continue to perplex us, let’s just lean into this Reddit user’s theory about the dresser: “Yep, the local colors are [blue and grey], but the reddish light adds a veil of pink color, coloring the unsaturated grey, and warming the coldness of light blue, making it to appear like white.”

Sure, that sounds about right.

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