A woman dressed her hairless cat up as Dobby for Halloween, and it is EVERYTHING

Is Halloween even really Halloween if you can’t dress up your pets? This naked cat from Canada is a serious contender for best kitty costume.

Rylee Rae dressed up her kitty as Harry Potter's house elf Dobby for Halloween. We must admit, the resemblance is striking.

“Friends of mine all suggested it, I have a lot of friends that are really into Harry Potter,” Rae told BuzzFeed Canada. Rae herself admitted she was not a huge Harry Potter fan, but was open to the idea. “I looked at what a house elf was and I was like, yeah, she really does!”


The magical hairless kitty is named Delores, andbeing half Sphynx and half Scottish Fold, she bares an uncanny resemblance to the Harry Potter character.

“She nailed it,” Rae said. “I’d like to take credit for it, but it was mostly her.”

No word yet if Rae will join in and dress up as The Boy Who Lived himself – but she does already have the glasses for it!


Happy Halloween!

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