This dress made of Starburst candy wrappers is absolutely stunning and took five years to make

As lovers of fashion, we can truly appreciate the hard work, innovation and dedication that go into creating garments. That said, it doesn’t take a clothing connoisseur to be completely blown away by this gorgeous dress made entirely of candy wrappers.

According to artist Emily Seilhamer, she constructed the dress using more than 10,000 Starburst candy wrappers, and it took an incredible five years to complete.

Seriously, this is the best sweet-tooth related news we’ve heard in a long while, and we cannot stop marveling at Seilhamer’s creation. The 24-year-old Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania resident told ABC News that her husband’s sweet tooth inspired the chic, colorful design.

Her friends, family and her husband helped Seilhamer collect four years’ worth of Starburst wrappers to make the dress.

And it is absolutely stunning from all angles.

"In just one row, there’s about 300 wrappers to wrap it around my whole body," Seilhamer told ABC News. "Because it took so long, the Starburst company kept discontinuing some of the colors I was using, so I had to revise the design a couple times. But that’s OK. I actually like this design better."

As she explained on Facebook, Seilhamer began by separating the wrappers by color, ironing them and folding them into links to create a candy wrapper chain. Later, she stitched the links together with elastic thread to create fabric out of the paper, which allowed her dress design to take shape.

She even design a matching corsage and ballet flats to complete the look.

What a vision. Innovative, trendy and upcycled for the ultimate fashion win.