We are head-over-heels in love with the dress Lindsay Lohan wore when cooking with this famous chef

We’ve never known Lindsay Lohan to be a chef… unless you count cooking up ways to sabotage Regina George in Mean Girls. (Those Caltein bars did look kind of good, tbh.)

However, Lindsay recently announced on her Instagram that she will be appearing on an episode of Jamie Oliver’s new show, Friday Night Feasts.

Jamie also seemed super excited about her guest spot, which is nice and all, but… On to more important things…

LIKE THIS DRESS she wore to the taping:


Lately, we’ve been obsessed with dresses that feature big collars, and this mini dress totally fits the bill! We love love love the tile-inspired pattern!

Plus, it works day-to-night.

It’s the perfect length, and something about it totally gives us Alice in Wonderland vibes.


We can seriously understand why Lindsay didn’t want to wear an apron over her perfect dress! (We would have done the same to preserve our fashion fierceness. We’re cursed with the gift of spilling food on everything white.)

This is just another example of Lindsay having always a knack for fashion, especially of the vintage-inspired variety.

Her Instagram is basically full of outfit inspo.


We think it’s safe to say that Lindsay’s time in the UK has not only enriched her sense of culture and kept her healthy, it’s also totally helped to blossom her sense of fashion! Cheerio!

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