You can now dress like a Tumblr blog, if you want to look like the Internet IRL

If you want proof that the Internet and real life are kinda just the same thing now, look no further. This New York Fashion Week saw a whole host of amazing clothes and designers, but it also welcomed someone completely new: Tumblr. While Tumblr has participated in NYFW in some way or another for the past ten seasons, it’s never been a part of its own line of clothing. Now, the Internet has spilled off our screens and onto our shirts in this collaboration with Print All Over Me.

The collection looks exactly like our favorite irreverent blogging website IRL, complete with prints and GIFs. Just take a look at some of the pieces:

These GIFs were created by Sam Cannon, one of eleven bloggers invited to attend the event. He doesn’t have much experience in the fashion industry, but he is a pretty experienced photographer and blogger. And then there’s the collection. Like Tumblr, the clothes are seriously addicting, and like Tumblr, I want to “reblog” them all. When can we get our hands on them?

The collection debuts online on September 14, over at Print All Over Me’s website. Or, if you’re in the New York area, you can check out the pop-up event at 339 W. 38th happening until Sunday. And don’t worry about prices. We may be in the midst of fancy-shmancy New York Fashion Week, but Tumblr’s line starts at around $36, which, compared to the $1,000 dresses that are also on the runway right now, is pretty reasonable.

(Image via Tumblr.)