How To Dress Like A Style Blogger

Style blogs are slowly taking over the fashion world and I like to follow a lot of them. Even though every fashion blogger has their own personal style, one of the things they have in common is that they seem to embrace daring trends much more quickly than anyone else. And because the fashion world moves so fast, here is my second list of some of the most popular trends seen on fashion bloggers at the moment. . . Have a good (and stylish) week!

Where to buy:

1. Keyhole sunglasses, $9.99

2. Mom jeans, $70

3. Striped crop top, $8 

4. Red clog sandals, $108

5. Black peep-toe mules, $130 

6. Floral midi skirt, $27

7. Ugly sandals, $89

8. Black romper: Plain, $35.99 or With Hearts, $150

9.Trainers, $81 

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