900 people are waiting for this dress. Here’s why.

Some clothes are worth waiting for apparently, but can you imagine waiting for a classic LBD? Most women love “little black dresses” because they are classic, sexy, and you can easily dress them up or down. Add a necklace with your LBD and you’re ready for a cocktail party. Put a hoodie on with your LBD and you’re ready for happy hour! LDBs are great —and one in particular is so great, it has a HUGE wait list. 900 people in fact.

The brand that designed the dress — MM.LaFleur, which has been around since 2013 — has recently released “the Tory” and everyone has gone nuts for it. MM.LaFleur’s website has the Tory priced at $235 —a pretty hefty price for the gorgeous dress. Ranging in sizes from 0 – 14, the dress is eco-friendly, “highly breathable,” and secured and lined to avoid “an in-office wardrobe malfunction,” and is made from 82 percent triacetate and 18 percent polyester, all according to MM.LaFleur’s website.

It’s pretty gorgeous, if we do say so ourselves.

So why is this dress so popular? (You might have to wait until January 2016, depending on your size.) Bustle spoke with MM.LaFleur’s Editor-in-Chief who informed them that “word of mouth” is typically what drives their business. According to Tory Hoen,

Well, we are intrigued. I sure hope anyone waiting for the Tory absolutely loves it by the time they finally receive theirs in the mail.

Though we are used to waiting lists for things like iPhones, shoes, or new technological toys, we are not super used to waiting this long for clothes. Though the Tory definitely stands out with its 900 person waiting list, it reminds us of a few other clothing items in the past.

In 2012, Slate declared the American Giant zip-up hoodie “the greatest hoodie ever made,” which boosted their sales and made the “greatest hoodie ever made” really hard to get. This past June, InStyle reported that Kate Middleton’s striped ME+EM top had a 14-week waiting list. Of course we all want to dress like royalty! (Also that top might be available now —14 weeks have passed!)

If you’re smitten with the Tory, you can buy it here. Once its, you know, available.

Featured image via MM.LaFleur.

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