People can’t get enough of this dreamy Christmas tree photo

Six days until Christmas. Can you believe it? But if you’re not really in the holiday spirit, what better than an absolutely gorgeous Christmas tree to get you singing Christmas tunes? Luckily, Jody Grenier has got you on this one.

Jody, an amateur photographer, was passing by the tree in the early morning of November 30th when he snapped a shot in downtown Syracuse of the city’s Christmas tree, posting it to Facebook at the beginning of December. It’s so dreamy and gorgeous that it doesn’t even look real — but that ethereal quality is due to happenstance, he said.

“”I got out (of my car) and some rain had fallen onto my lens,” he told “. . . I didn’t wipe my lens clean, hence the effect of the picture. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see all those rain spots and a kind of a soft mistiness to it. That’s actually me forgetting to wipe my lens off.”

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