Our ~dreams~ are filled with shoes from this new splurge-tastic line

Oh, that we could afford every item in the new MR by Man Repeller shoe collection! From bedazzled platform sandals to metallic leather boots, you’d better believe that every pair of lovingly designed kicks in this collection is now firmly on our holiday wish list.

From the genius mind of Leandra Medine, the woman behind quirky and brilliant fashion blog Man Repeller, comes a debut footwear line so bold and unyielding, we’d be surprised not to see these shoes on the feet of fashion’s finest by the end of the week.

The eclectic 10-piece capsule collection is available now from Net-a-Porter, and we assure you that every pair will have you cheering and sighing longingly.

While the shoes themselves are the definition of fabulous, it’s their names that take their fabulosity to the next level.

Here’s the “LOL If You Think I’m Walking” sandal.


Available here for $520.

The “I’m Here to Party” metallic boots.


Get them here for $575.

And the “I’m Really Here to Party” over-the-knee boot.


Available here for $795.

Oh, and we can’t forget the “Morning After” velvet flats.


Get them here for $350.

Or the “Alternative to Bare Feet” loafers.


Get them here for $425.

Too perfect!

In an interview with Refinery29, Medine said she “didn’t really think of the collection in terms of trends” during the design process. She added,

"I guess we touched upon the velvet trend and a higher length for boots than ankle, but I was really much more caught up in developing styles that would accommodate the holes in my own closet. How great are those velvet sandals going to look with tights and short dresses?"

While these shoes are a liiitle bit outside of most people’s fashion budgets, we’ll definitely be daydreaming about them for weeks to come. Well done, Leandra!