What It Means If You Dream About Being Pregnant

Experts break down the various meanings behind dreams of pregnancy and childbirth.

We all dream – and although the average person only remembers about half of what they dream about, the dreams that we do remember can offer us insight about both our emotional and interpersonal life.

And if you’ve ever dreamt about being pregnant, you’re not alone. Believed to be one of the most common dreams that women have, regardless of how you might feel about having a child, dreams like this often bear no direct correlation to fertility or becoming pregnant.

Common pregnancy dreams include being very heavily pregnant, being overdue, being in labor, and giving birth to an ugly baby, according to Manuela Schmitten, a psychologist at Inner Space Psychology. But, there still lies the question: do pregnancy dreams really mean something? And if so, what?

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It might indicate that change is going to come

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Tyler Woodard, health and wellbeing expert at Eden’s Gate says that while dreaming about being pregnant or the process of pregnancy is very common, it can sometimes can spark slight worries or concerns for some people as,  “they automatically assume this dream could mean they are pregnant, and this might not be something they feel ready for.”

To debunk this common interpretation, Woodward says that dreaming about being pregnant “is an indication that there is a new change or something new that is going to enter your life.” An example of this could be a new friend, partner, or job, all of which are all things to get excited about.

It could be a sign of growth

Just as a baby does, you continue to grow each day, whether this be physically, spiritually, or mentally, and therefore pregnancy dreams can indicate that growing and changing potential in your day-to-day life.

Dr. Hana Patel, a GP specialist in sleep and mental health adds that dreaming about being pregnant “usually relates to a new phase of new growth in your life, to give you confidence to pursue and develop this idea further.”

It could signify stress

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While usually dreaming about pregnancy is a positive sign that represents growth or development, sometimes it can indicate stress or anxiety attributed to fears about being pregnant, or – if you are pregnant – it might be that your dream is signifying some underlying worries that you might be experiencing.

If this sounds familiar, Schmitten says, “If you are experiencing pregnancy-related anxieties, Evaluate ways in which you may be able to improve them, whether through mindfulness, meditation or a visit to your GP. If it’s showing up regularly in your subconscious, now may be the time to confront it.”

It might be because you hope to get pregnant

Another reason you might dream about being pregnant is if you’re currently trying to fall pregnant, or have a huge desire to have a baby but haven’t found the right partner yet.  

“If having a child is on the forefront of your mind, this can be another reason why you may be dreaming about pregnancy,” says Woodard.

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