We Know What ‘90s Icon You Are Based on Your Dream Wedding

Are you extravagant like Naomi or laid-back like Winona?

No matter your current relationship status, at some point, you’ve probably thought about what your perfect wedding day would look like. Between watching movie nuptials, flipping through pictures of brides throwing bouquets in glossy magazines, and attending IRL ceremonies, it’s easy to start creating a mental list of things you do and don’t want for your own big day.

While planning a real wedding is largely consumed with finances and logistics, planning a dream wedding can be a fun exercise in self expression. Since you don’t have to worry about real-world details such as seating charts or venue expenses, it’s more about envisioning what type of wedding would best suit your personality and style. These hypothetical choices can say a lot about who you are, and we know we can pair you with a celebrity that best matches your dream wedding. From laid-back celebs like Winona Ryder to fashion-forward models like Naomi Campbell, there’s a ’90s it-girl to match every type of wedding.

So, take the quiz below to find out which ’90s icon you are based on your dream wedding.

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