What It Means to Dream About Your Partner Cheating on You

A psychologist and a dream expert break down some of the reasons you may have this dream that hits a little too close to home.

Ever woken up from a dream that has felt just that little bit too real? You know, the kind of dream that takes you just that little bit too long to get back to reality? Yup, us too! And up there as one of the worst sorts of dreams that can feel just a bit too close to home is one in which you’re cheated on by your partner.

As psychologist Manuela Schmitten tells HelloGiggles, dreaming about being cheated on by your significant other is widely considered to be one of the five most common dreams – alongside falling and being naked in public.

It can be an upsetting dream to wake up from, and while we wouldn’t blame you for giving your beau a bit of silent treatment while you work through the emotions it brings up, as with most dreams, dreaming about your partner cheating on you might be key to revealing any underlying issues in your relationship that you haven’t yet addressed.

Whether you’re in a long term relationship, happily single or somewhere in between, read on to find out what both a psychologist and dream expert have to say about exactly what it means to dream about your partner cheating on you.

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If you’re in a relationship

If you’re in a stable, long-term and/or loving relationship, it’s easy to see why this sort of dream can be both upsetting and distressing. While the logical and sane parts of our brain know that a dream is just a dream, even the most secure people among us might find themselves feeling somewhat unsettled after dreaming about their partner cheating.

Manuela Schmitten, a psychologist from Inner Space Psychology, says that this sort of dream can have a variety of meanings, and that it’s important to assess whether you have any fears or insecurities surrounding your relationship.

“Dreaming about being cheated on by your partner when you’re in a romantic relationship could mean that you have some deep-seated insecurities that you haven’t quite dealt with,” says Schmitten. “It could also mean that something is missing from your relationship, so it’s worth asking yourself whether there’s something you want more of that your spouse isn’t providing you with.”

Try looking at the different areas of your relationship — your emotional, physical and spiritual connection with your significant other, and get really honest with yourself over what might be missing, or what you want more of.

If you’re single

Though dreaming about getting cheated on when you’re single is slightly less upsetting, it can still be an unnerving dream to wake up from. Inbaal Honigman, a celebrity psychic and dreams expert, says that it might point towards there having been a betrayal or a time either you have acted dishonestly or someone close to you has behaved in a dishonest way towards you.

“It’s no surprise that dreaming of being cheated on is often related to dishonest behavior — and it’s up to you to figure out whether you’ve been on the giving or receiving end,” says Honigman.

Have you recently lied to a friend? Or felt yourself being lied to? Honigman says that this sort of behavior IRL can lead to a dream about cheating.

If you’ve been cheated on before

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One of the most common causes for this sort of dream is the past manifesting itself in your present. So, if you’ve been cheated on before, it’s not uncommon to experience a dream in which your partner is cheating on you. It’s time to ask yourself whether or not you’ve rebuilt the trust that was lost in the past.

“If a past partner did the dirty on you, it’s understandable that you may be fearful that your current beau may do the same,” says Schmitten. “Having dreams that represent previous traumas is completely normal — though it’s important that you voice your concerns with your current partner, to make sure you can work through your anxiety and insecurities together, as a team.”

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