Dream job how-to: Learn to be a Disney animator with this YouTube series

Animators seem like they must have the best job in the world — to bring vivid, imaginary worlds and stories to life through the power of their art. Of course, it’s a lot of work too. Remember the Post-It flip books you and your friends used to make? Imagine that effort times a million, and also with perfect interactive backgrounds and character expressions and lighting and everything else that goes into a professional, feature-length movie.

Whoa! So yeah, there’s a lot involved with animation, but luckily, the first generation of Disney animators left the groundwork for future generations to come. Namely, the 12 Principles of Animation, basic rules of the art as laid out by two of Walt Disney’s original animation crew. And now, animator Alan Becker (who created one of the Internet’s first viral videos), has helpfully animated those 12 Principles so that newbie animators can not just read, but see, these techniques in action.

Don’t know how to draw at all? Becker can’t necessarily help you with that, but if you’re just starting to dip your tablet pen into the animation waters, these rules of thumb should get you started. You can watch them below; now, go and get your art on!


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