What It Means to Dream About Your Best Friend Fighting With You

Experts explain why you may be dreaming about an argument with your bestie.

Ever wanted to understand the meaning behind a recurring dream? You’re not alone. Dream analysis is believed to date back an incredible 3,000 years — but exactly how dreams are interpreted has long been up for debate.

Priests in Ancient Egypt were of the school of thought that dreams were a form of supernatural communication. In Ancient Greece, they were considered to be omens of deep significance.

In more recent years, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung – the founding fathers of psychotherapy – also disagreed on precisely how we should interpret our dreams. Freud’s theory of dreams suggests that dreams represent unconscious desires, thoughts, wish fulfillment, and motivations, while Jung saw dreams as the psyche’s attempt to communicate important things to the individual.

And while not as common as dreaming about being chased, chances are – at some point in our lives – we may experience an unsettling dream about fighting with a loved one.

Sound familiar? We spoke to a dream expert and psychologist to find out exactly what it means to dream about your best friend fighting with you.

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You might be overly stressed

Women Friends Arguing Outside

If you’ve been bottling up emotions or have been feeling anxious or overwhelmed, this could manifest in your dreams in the form of fighting with a friend.

Manuela Schmitten, a psychologist at Inner Space Psychology, says that dreaming about fighting with your best friend could be an indicator of some anxieties or stresses in your everyday life that you’re not facing up to.

“If you’re overworked, exhausted, or feeling tense and strained, these emotions can sometimes come out in a dream,” Schmitten explains.

She suggests addressing whatever stressors you’re facing during your waking hours, and doing what you can to alleviate them. Introduce a soothing practice such as meditating or journaling before bed — this can go a long way towards a peaceful night’s sleep.

You might be concerned about trust

Inbaal Honigman, a celebrity psychic and dreams expert, believes that a dream is the subconscious’s way of communicating with the conscious mind.

“We dream of things we are afraid of, we dream of things we’re concerned about. If we have a concern around trust, such as not trusting a friend, or a friend not trusting us, this worry will occupy our minds,” Honigman says.

And so, whether the worry is logical or not isn’t at question — the concern can exist independently from reality. Honigman suggests that when dreaming about fighting with a friend, ask yourself a few questions: Who is at fault in the dream? Are both of us being fair? Why am I not dropping the argument?

The answers will give you a lot of detail when it comes to interpreting the dream. If you know you’re being unfair in the dream, acknowledge it and think hard to see whether you feel that you’re acting unfairly in a different situation in life.

“You might be angry with this person in real life, or they might just be an innocent hitchhiker in your dream,” Honigman explains. “The topics explored in your dream are your own, and don’t indicate anything unusual about the person you dream about.”

You’re likely fighting with a friend in real life

Friends Worried

As with all dreams, context is an important consideration when it comes to deciphering what they might mean.

“If there’s a friend in your real life who you’re not getting on with, then the dream is presenting scenarios around that situation,” says Schmitten.

She suggests asking yourself the following questions: Are you trying to hide something from a friend? Or is there something unsaid that is causing a state of disharmony in your friendship? Or are you feeling guilty about something you’ve done?

Schmitten suggests that you look at the action in the dream for pointers on how to deal with it in waking life. Are your actions in the dream reasonable? Are you avoiding a conversation that needs to be had?

Chances are, if the dream is a recurring one, and if the kinship in question is important to you, you may well need to bite the bullet and take the first step towards saving your friendship.

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