The story behind this unbelievably dramatic wedding photo

Having your wedding pictures taken is, if we’re being honest, a little awkward. A lot of standing still and posing goes into all those loving shots, all done with a group of people just kind of looking at you. But imagine if all that awkwardness was totally overshadowed by the urgency of getting your perfect picture just seconds before a huge storm hit. That’s what happened to the Chans recently, and the resulting shot is totally amazing.

Their photographer, Cassie, shared the back story on her Facebook page, and it’s just as dramatic as the image. Basically, they were shooting in Calgary, Canada, where a huge hail storm was in the forecast. With the crazy clouds heading their way and the city skyline behind them, Helen and Owen were willing to risk getting caught in the rain to get the shot.

“This photo was snapped about 60 seconds before [the storm] hit and yes we absolutely got caught in that torrential downpour!!” Cassie writes. “The bride Helen, the groom Owen and the groomsmen who had stayed behind to help out were DRENCHED instantly. Barreling towards the car with two little umbrellas (one for the couple and the other sacrificed to cover my cameras) we all piled in for cover.”

But Helen and Owen’s day was far from ruined. In fact, the couple were totally great sports about getting caught in the rain on their big day. If having it rain on your wedding day is good luck, is getting caught in the rain super-mega good luck?

“I already knew Owen and Helen to be two of the most amazing spirited people in the world but the fact that they basically had buckets of water dumped on them on their wedding day and still came out smiling, happy and full of love just blew me away and I now love them even more!”

The gang headed back to the Chan’s house to do damage control, and totally pulled it off. Everyone helped pull the team back together, and within 20 minutes they were ready to get to dinner.

“The boys tossed all of their suits into the dryer and the bridesmaids worked quickly to fix Helen’s hair and blow dry her dress. In about 20 minutes everyone looked just as spiffy as before the storm . . . just a little on the damp side.”

Getting caught in a downpour may be no one’s idea of a great wedding day, but it definitely paid off for the Chans. The couple now has a totally amazing wedding picture, and one hell of a story to go with it! Congratulations to the happy (and dry) couple!

Here’s the original Facebook post.

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