The Internet is having so much fun with this dramatic Indian TV clip

Oh, Internet. What would we do without you? Probably so many productive things. But since we have you, we embrace everything about you. Including a super hilarious, dramatic clip from a TV show in India.

The clip is from the now-canceled Indian Ekta Kapoor soap opera Kasamh Se. It was originally tweeted in July 2015 by user Haramshawty with the caption, “When I arrive at the club.”

If there’s one thing we can gather from this clip, it’s that Ekta Kapoor has completely shocked her co-star’s character by existing in that car. Also, Indian soap operas are very, very serious about being soap operas. Seriously, this might actually be the most (over)dramatic thirty seconds from a TV show ever in the history of TV shows. Is there an Emmy for that? Probably not. But there should be. The clip was tweeted again the other day by user @Dutty_Jermz, and of course the rest of the Internet picked up on the amazingness of the dramatics and have retweeted the clip over 13,000 times. Because if there’s anything the Internet loves, it’s drama.

So yeah, best drama of the year (and best sound editing) goes to Kasamh Se.