Stephanie Beatriz shared the sassiest mug of “Drake Tears” and we need one immediately

In our heads, Drake is just the sweetest, saddest little puppy of a guy. From his epic love story (and oh-so-tragic end) with Rihanna to his ~killer~ dance moves, Drake has morphed into a persona we never would have seen coming even five years ago. Now, though, Drake is cool AF, and all Drake merch is, of course, just as cool. And the amazing Stephanie Beatriz just made us NEED this Drake-inspired mug so, so bad.

We’re seriously so ridiculously in love with this hilarious Drake mug.

What a time to be alive, friends. Oh Drake. What a human. 

She captioned the photo,

"@pizzaslime makes a good mug"

We so totally agree.

And, of course, we found out where you too can get a mug.

And it’s so, so amazing from both the front:


And the back.


We’re feeling this clean and edgy font.

So now we all know what we’re getting the chillest members of our #squad this ~holiday season~!


Because what do our friends need in their lives more than even more sass?! Ugh, we’re just so happy that this mug exists, and that pop culture is so alive and well.